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Age: 20, but all that sun has given him a few wrinkles

Height: 5'10" (6'2" on his board)

Star sign: Leo (adventurous, spirited, self-centred)

Subject: German, 'cause I'm half-German so it's easy

On the stereo: Bloodhound Gang, "Hefty Fine"

On the back: khaki Stussy hoodie

On the plate: hotdog, fries and milkshake

On the road: takes his skateboard everywhere he goes

On holiday: USA for snow boarding contests

On the doormat: Playstation 2 magazine, Skating mags like 'Carve' or Thrasher

Hobbies: hi energy stuff like boarding, surfing, computer games

Part-time job: Teaches teens how to board in return for their pocket money

His take on the year: It's been rad, dude. Totally cool, except for all the 'full-on work to do, man'.


What's your favourite part of uni life? Like, boarding, duh! I set up a skate club with a ramp and tunnel, and I met Avril, which was excellent.

And the worst?/ Not having time to board 'cause of all the work. If it was up to me, I'd do a degree in boarding.

What have you missed most? My buddies back home. I'm missing out on seeing them pull off new tricks.

What has been the greatest surprise? How cool everyone has been. I wasn't sure at first, but now it's like a home away from home, man.

How have you coped with money? I'm way in debt, dude. It's no joke - two grand this year alone. I'm gonna have to win some major boarding contests and scoop all the prize money.

Top financial tip? Call people when you know they're not gonna be in, and leave a five second message - then they'll have to call you back on their bill!




Household income: 26,000


Boe receives a maintenance grant of 1,283 per year and a 750 bursary from his uni. Because he's in final year, he gets slightly lower loan than the previous years - 2,880 per year. His parents give him 500 per year and his best friend is his interest free overdraft of 1,500 per year. Expenditure


Staying fashionable isn't cheap in Boe's world and he spends 80 a month on clothes. Perhaps if he spent less time shopping, he could reduce his shortfall.


If he got a job earning 19,000 a year after graduation, Boe would pay back his loan at a rate of 7 a week. So his degree would cost him less per week than his magazine subscriptions!

To work out a detailed budget use UNIAID's Student Calculator

Annual Income
Maintenance Grant 1,283
Annual Student Loan 2,880
Grant + Loan 4,163
University Bursary 750
Contribution from Folks 500
Interest Free Overdraft 1,500
Part-time work (in term time) 1,680
Access to learning fund 0
Total Income 8,593
Expenditure Month Year
Rent 240 2,880
Food 70 840
Shopping 80 960
Utilities (electric, gas, water included in halls fees) 0 0
Smoking 0 0
Mobile/phone bill 25 300
Books/stationary/equipment 20 240
Travel/Transport 20 240
Socialising 70 840
Total Expenditure 525 6300

Course fees are also payable and a loan to cover this cost is available. Course fees don't have to be paid back until a student is earning over 15,000!